ACOs are beneficial not only to patients, but also to providers…
AN OPEN GATE TO PAY-FOR-VALUE – As specified above, healthcare as we are aware of it is changing from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. Repayment models are rising which compensate for quality and worth rather than amount and volume. Some of these new models include bundled payments, value-based purchasing, and Accountable Care Organizations. As part of the transition to a true-value based delivery system, ACOs contribute as a stepping stone in this process. Processes and protocols begin to be established. Infrastructures begin to take shape. EHR and other information technology systems begin to transform. Mindsets begin to shift. Profitability begins to be realized.
PATIENT LOYALTY – Patients are becoming more knowledgeable as providers transition to put their emphasis on value. The standard is being raised and will continue to do so to achieve quality and patient satisfaction. Patient’s expectations will continue to increase.  Stronger bond is created and patients are becoming more loyal to their providers as a result of quality, safety, and satisfaction given. The providers become not providers of convenience, but providers of choice. When patients are happy, they create a snowball effect to recommend their family and friends.
PROVIDER PROFITABILITY – Provider profitability is achieved through strong and successful ACO efforts and based upon coordinated care that can result in efficiencies, quality outcomes, and reduces healthcare costs. The amount of potential profitability is determined by the amount of risk undertaken.